YUSA yusa 123

Yusa (遊佐, Yusa) is an operator in the SSS who conveys the state of the battlefield to Yuri. She is a part of the diversion squad with the band Girls Dead Monster.


Yusa is a girl with long blonde hair tied into two pigtails, each secured in place by a red ribbon. Just like most of the members of the SSS, Yusa wears the standard uniform of the group. She also wears brown stockings and black loafers.

She is also seen wearing an earpiece with a microphone attached to it or carrying a walkie-talkie.


She is a calm and gentle-mannered girl with a straightforward character. Much like Kanade, she doesn't show any emotions and she was called scary by Otonashi and Hinata. She rarely talks, but she sometimes hurt others feelings even though she doesn't mean it. It seems that she love her headphones so much, as she can't do her mission without them. In the english dub, she says that Yuri is like a villain when Yuri laughs maniacally during the Baseball tournament, and as she starves after Operation High Tension Syndrome