Training Lessons:

You hvae to be really Worthy and Very Cool Not a Little kid like Naruto Once was You have to have at least 50 Edits to get Interested and Join you have to have a lot of skills Come to the Wiki Everyday to train If you Don't you will be Kicked out of the Ninja Group Unless you have a Very good reason for not being here on time Not a Reason like i had to do my Math Homework or i had to Visit my Grandma it has to be a good Reason. LukaCat (From the Dragon Ball Wiki) Is a Master Ninja Too i learned all my stuff from her she was the First Wiki Ninja Ever Even in 2009 There was no Ninja Till In 2011 LukaCat Joined and Had a special Talent of Ninjas Till when i Came in 2012 July in the Dragon Ball Wiki Seeking for Ninjas to Fight Then 3 Months Later i became a Ninja Master and Soon Vanity will Become the Same and you can join but it will Cost 50 Edits so Join if you have 50 Edits! :D