Kanade Tachibana (立華奏, Tachibana Kanade) is one of the students of the afterlife school and the said school's Student Council President. She is also referred to as Angel (天使, Tenshi) by the Afterlife War Front, a nickname coined by Hideki Hinata and later used by the group's leader Yuri Nakamura to refer to her after discovering her unusual abilities.[1]

As the school's Student Council President, Kanade is tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that the students are able to cope with their personal problems. This eventually clashes with Yuri's determination to blame God for her hardships in life, and she becomes the target of the Afterlife War Front when it is founded.


Kanade is a girl with long silvery white hair and gold eyes. She wears the standard uniform of the afterlife school, white knee-high socks and brown loafers and a pale blue barrette on the back of her head. She is one of the shortest characters in the series, being only 160 cm (5'2 feet) tall.


Kanade does not appear to be less than a typical human being in physical form, but this is contrasted by her lack of detectable emotion, even in skirmishes with the SSS which usually end up with her being injured. It is difficult to understand what she is thinking due to her rarely showing any outward emotion. In later events, she is shown to have abandoned being friendly because of the rules of the world she is in, as her newly-found friends inevitably leave her when they disappear.[2]As the series progresses, she shows a little of her emotions, mostly to Otonashi.

She is fond of eating Mapo Tofu, even going so far as to ignore school rules to eat it, and also goes on to include it in her self-made school anthem at the close of the series.[2]. She spends some of her free time gardening.[3] She is actually part of the gardening club.[4] She recently became friends with Otonashi, even though she didn't realize this until Otonashi said so. Although this did not alter her personality much, she allows him to call her by her first name, Kanade, and seems to exclusively talk to and hang around him. Kanade, in later events, has helped him to fight Naoi and has saved him from being eaten by the River Monster.[3]

Later on, she opens up to Otonashi, talking to him casually and she even helps out in Otonashi's plans to help the SSS get over their regrets. After spending more time with her, Otonashi discovers more of her personality and somewhat lack of common sense. Otonashi describes her as a "Clumsy Angel". She seems to have a large amount of endurance to pain, as she has been shot several times by the SSS without showing any reaction or indication of suffering.


There has been little information revealed about Kanade's past; it is, however, revealed that she arrived in the afterlife to look for a specific person. That person was in fact the former owner of her heart, Yuzuru Otonashi, who donated all of his organs moments before he died. This extended the life of Kanade Tachibana for a while longer. Due to this, she arrived in the afterlife just to say "Thank You" to Yuzuru Otonashi for saving her life.


A Servant of "God"

Angel beats anime logo This section contains content from the Angel Beats! anime series. Kanade is the main target of Yuri and by extension, the SSS, as she is seen as a servant to a higher being (God) and thus, receives her namesake "Tenshi" (lit. Angel); their assumption was formed after seeing her unusual powers first-hand. Even before Hinata's arrival in the afterlife school, Yuri starts planning to lure God out. Upon her discovery of the powers of Angel, the Student Council President at that time, their focus shifts to plans on how to get rid of her.

As Kanade becomes involved with conflicts initiated by Yuri, she stays true to her duties, watching over the school as the Student Council President for some time, and at times, ignoring Yuri's assaults altogether.

The Afterlife BattlefrontEdit

Upon the forming of the new "anti-Angel" group called the Afterlife Battlefront, attacks against Kanade intensify with the help of Guild's weaponry. At this time, Otonashi has joined the group and has been witness to how much of a threat she was to his safety. Thus his decision to join the said group.