he was trained By Uub in the distanced future and he has been very fast and strong and he has been doing great in school aka seven crappy hours of our life and he has got a Girlfriend called Sharon Sharon is Goku.jr's Daughter and they are in the year 4702 where Goku have not been in the World for 4 centeries after he fought Xicor in Dragon Ball AF then a New Enemy strikes the earth he is Kinahca (Ki-NA-Hac) He is 400x stronger then Xicor and 10x Stronger then Goku SSJ5 and Nikad is going to be the one to take him down 3 hours Later.......(Kinahca) hmm Earth Looks like my Dad's place that My father was supposed to destroy well i will destroy it for him *flies around* *sees earthlings* hmm first i need to destroy the saiyans i saw that was Here making the world a better place.....(narrator) 6 Days Later (Nikad) This Planet Rocks! *talks about Earth* (Uub) i sense a Enemy coming to earth (Pan) Who? Honey. (Uub) i don't know yet But it is strong (Nikad) Hmm i sense it too He is very Powerful (Gohan) *trains with Goten* (Goten) *Goes SSJ6* *Red Shiny eyes* *Light Blue Hair* *rapidly Punches Gohan in the Stomach* (Gohan) *kicks Goten in the face* Not too Bad Goten (Goten) You too Gohan 

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