April 24Edit

[1]I know now that it was meant to be this way. Sometimes, we have to look beyond what we want and do what's best. ~ Piccolo

April 25Edit

[2]I doubt I need an introduction, but just in case, I am the mighty Frieza and yes, all the horrible stories you've heard are true. ~ Frieza

April 26Edit

[3]Hey, Goku, you're my friend. We grew up together. Just make sure that...that we both grow old together too. ~ Krillin

April 27Edit

[4]It is I who decides who lives and who dies! All living things are mere playthings to me! No one can comprehend my power and cunning! ~ Cooler

April 28Edit

[5]Well, he has surpassed me in every area except one. I am still the funniest man in the universe. ~King Kai

April 29Edit

[6]If you've come to apply for the soldier jobs, use the side entrance. ~ Lord Slug

April 30Edit

[7]Aw man, I was right! The Saiyans are here! And I'm supposed to help fight 'em. Maybe I could just go back to bed and pretend I didn't see this. ~ Yajirobe

May 1Edit

[8]It's been so long... Since I've snapped someone's neck! ~ Bojack

May 2Edit

[9]Welcome to the end of your life. And I promise, it's going to hurt! ~ Vegeta

May 3Edit

[10]I am amused by your little one-man army but I have run out of patience. The road of life ends here for you. You've reached a dead end. ~ Cell

May 4Edit

[11]Goku, please don't tell me that I'm going to have to start training you not to fear needles. ~ Master Roshi

May 5Edit

[12]Now I can't believe that the great Goku is catchin' a whoopin' from those boys! If he can't even handle the Indians, why bring out the chief? ~ Android 13

May 6Edit

[13]With my omniscient vision, I can see girls playing volleyball on the beach! ~ Old Kai

May 7Edit

[14]Now I'm running on hatred alone and nothing will stop me from dropping you at death's door! ~Great Ape Baby

May 8Edit

[15]Now here I am, a thousand years later and nothing's changed. Still a prisoner outside, looking in. ~ Tapion

May 9Edit

[16]Blast. I could kill that old Namek for destroying our scouters. Too bad he's already dead. ~ Zarbon

May 10Edit

[17]I might just be a pothole in the road to you big guy, but it's going to be one heck of a deep pothole! ~ Tien

May 11Edit

[18]I allowed myself to lower my defenses for a moment, a careless mistake which I will soon rectify. ~ Dr. Gero

May 12Edit

[19]On May twelfth, three years from now, on an island nine miles southwest of south city at ten o'clock in the morning, two killer androids will arrive. ~ Piccolo

May 13Edit

[20]Why do you persist? Stop torturing yourself. Death will bring relief. ~ Omega Shenron

May 14Edit

[21]Who are you people? Don't you see the universe matters more than your meaningless squabble? ~ Supreme Kai

May 15Edit

[22]But after all, what good would this incredible power be if there were no souls left to fear it, hmm? ~ Dr. Kochin

May 16Edit

[23]Dende, you sure remind me of Kami. He used to stand in that very same spot as he tried to make sense of the Earth. ~ Mr. Popo

May 17Edit

[24]It is difficult to say why, but his revival has clearly been incomplete. I had great hopes for this Majin Buu, but this deformed version is nothing but an idiot and a waste. ~ Dabura

May 18Edit

[25]I can only heal those who have a good heart. You... your heart is black from the people you've hurt. ~ Dende

May 19Edit

[26]I just did them a favor by fusing them with Lord Luud. They'll be of much better service to him now, rather than dancing and prancing around like a bunch of show-tune obsessed idiots! ~ Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy

May 20Edit

[27]That's right my friend, let me ask you... Does a machine like yourself ever experience fear? ~ Vegeta

May 21Edit

[28]Here they come. I'd be shocked if any one of them had a brain! ~ Babidi

May 22Edit

[29]I know it seems like justice, but it's not right. If you strike him down, it will only show that we aren't any better than he is. ~ Goku

May 23Edit

[30]If your living body didn't like Hell, then perhaps you should return dead! ~ Dr. Myuu

May 24Edit

[31]What's wrong with people like you? Will you not be happy until you wreck the whole planet? ~Korin

May 25Edit

[32]If you're both so annoyed with how I fight, then show me a rulebook for world domination, and I might consider changing my style. ~ Eis Shenron

May 26Edit

[33]But, I don't wanna be a fighter. I wanna be an orthopedist when I grow up. ~ Gohan

May 27Edit

[34]After fifty years locked in icy slumber, my dreams will finally become a reality. ~ Dr. Wheelo

May 28Edit

[35]Your brain's slower than South Kai's fighters! ~ West Kai

May 29Edit

[36]In my new super form, I have the body of Buu, the intensity of Gotenks, and all the cunning of a Namek ready to drive the nails into your coffin! ~ Super Buu

May 30Edit

[37]Fight you? No. I wanna kill you! ~ Gohan

May 31Edit

[38]Now, let's see what kind of destruction I've caused to that city. I bet it's been reduced to rubble. ~Naturon Shenron

June 1Edit

[39]Taking away my sight still leaves me with four very sharp senses. ~ Goku

June 2Edit

[40]Eh, I thought these guys would be tougher than this. They're just a bunch o' pansies in their little toys. ~ Nappa

June 3Edit

[41]Nobody wants you to win as much as Kami does. His very survival depends on it. ~ Nail

June 4Edit

[42]What on Earth are you mumbling about? Chanting a little prayer before you die? ~ Cell

June 5Edit

[43]You know, if I've learned anything at all from this silly ordeal, it's that I am a freaking genius. ~ Vegeta

June 6Edit

[44]What am I doing? Anything I can to see that horrified, confused look on your face! ~ Great Ape Baby

June 7Edit

[45]Your evil deeds are like a noose around your neck! ~ Goku

June 8Edit

[46]You cannot beat us because you are a race of individuals, each with his own selfish motives. We live for one purpose alone. Our energies are focused, yours are scattered. We cooperate with one another. You do not. Your race is inferior, and it must die! ~ General Rilldo

June 9Edit

[47]Goku may have taught you how to be a great fighter, but when it comes to love, I'm the master! ~Yamcha

June 10Edit

[48]Why do you loathe what I've done so much? Saiyans are just as ruthless as I am! They were killers, all of them! And you have the gall to condemn what I've done? You and your bloodthirsty race! ~ Frieza

June 11Edit

[49]You know you can't win! You can't destroy what I really am! Even if you manage to kill this body, someone even stronger would surface and take my place! Not one death will go unaccounted for! Not one! ~ Gohan

June 12Edit

[50]Fools! I make the laws on this planet! I've done nothing illegal! You are the criminals here! ~ Don Kee

June 13Edit

[51]Be strong my little warrior. It pleases me that in these dark hours, a flame so small burns brightly. ~ Guru

June 14Edit

[52]I take great pride in the fact that I have taught you all the necessary skills of life. Use them well. ~King Cold

June 15Edit

[53]I'm a CEO back home, Pan. I've seen two millionaires fight over one zenny on the floor. ~ Trunks

June 16Edit

[54]You cannot topple warriors like these with conventional weaponry. ~ Ledgic

June 17Edit

[55]He shows more strength with every fight. He's just playing with his opponents. I look forward to ending his game. ~ Pikkon

June 18Edit

[56]Your name is Pan, isn't that right? I heard some very disturbing things about you from my disciples. But you're so cute, I forgot all about them. ~ Dolltaki

June 19Edit

[57]Oh man! It can't end. I've never even had a girlfriend! No! It's not fair! I haven't even lived yet! ~Krillin

June 20Edit

[58]Imagine. Working for the most powerful man in the universe. How's that for a 401K? ~ Captain Ginyu

June 21Edit

[59]I'd rather find a room full of food than one full of gold. ~ Goku

June 22Edit

[60]One thing I find tolerable about your species, barely, is the sound you make when you die! ~Tambourine

June 23Edit

[61]Don't worry about me. I love it in Other World. I wouldn't leave it for anything. I've got a lot of friends and most of them are brunettes. ~ Grandpa Gohan

June 24Edit

[62]You killed my perfect looks! For that, you must perish! ~ General Blue

June 25Edit

[63]Let me make one thing clear. This isn't about the rivalry between our schools. Or revenge. I fight for one purpose only. To win. Never again will I be led astray from my goal! ~ Tien

June 26Edit

[64]Oh, so he knows my name. He's done his homework. I'm at a disadvantage. Though, I'm afraid, knowing my identity and still putting forth this challenge doesn't say much for his intelligence. ~King Piccolo

June 27Edit

[65]Goku, please, I'm begging you! For some dumb reason, you always wanna do the right thing! But I'm telling you there is nothing in that pot but poison. You drink that stuff and you will die! ~Yajirobe

June 28Edit

[66]I will annihilate any man, woman, or child as long as the price is right. ~ Mercenary Tao

June 29Edit

[67]They don't love me. They love the movies and the press. They don't know the first thing about me. To them, I'm nothing but a product. ~ Pamput

June 30Edit

[68]How long you live depends on your answer to my question. ~ Cymbal

July 1Edit

[69]How does it feel knowing you had one chance to save your precious Earth and everyone on it only to fail miserably? ~ Vegeta

July 2Edit

[70]You don't really believe you can succeed where both your father and Vegeta failed? Maybe you do believe it. It wouldn't surprise me to know that the last Saiyan to perish at my hands was just as foolish as the first. ~ Frieza

July 3Edit

[71]Oh yeah. Hercule. Mister Satan. Who cares what they call me. I'm huge. ~ Mr. Satan

July 4Edit

[72]For some reason, every time I meet a martial artist, I have this incredible urge to destroy them. Even one as tiny and pathetic as you! ~ King Piccolo

July 5Edit

[73]What the heck's a Kakarot!? ~ Goten

July 6Edit

[74]Why can't you people just stay down!? ~ Cell

July 7Edit

[75]You usually pick on the children first? ~ Piccolo

July 8Edit

[76]Careful, you're more like me than you realize. ~ Raditz

July 9Edit

[77]Don't beat yourself up, kid. That's my sister's job. ~ Master Roshi

July 10Edit

[78]I have you now, and soon, I will have all of your energy. ~ Android 19

July 11Edit

[79]What's the matter? Is your brain another one of your weak and underused muscles? ~ Vegeta

July 12Edit

[80]That's right. Get it all out. Live boldly... even if it is only for a few more moments. ~ Frieza

July 13Edit

[81]This can't go on anymore. He's killed too many innocent people. It's not right! ~ Goku

July 14Edit

[82]He should feel lucky. He's the first one to be touched by my perfect body. ~ Cell

July 15Edit

[83]Obviously, you've never fought a titan. If flesh and blood were as strong as pride, we would all be invincible. ~ Master Roshi

July 16Edit

[84]So, what are you going to do now? Think, Goku. Both of your sons are a part of me now. Maybe we should seek family counseling! ~ Super Buu

July 17Edit

[85]Alright! Everyone, grab your gear and leave your fear! ~ Yamcha

July 18Edit

[86]Why do organic beings prefer to die in the sunshine? ~ Commander Nezi

July 19Edit

[87]If this gets ugly, I want you to know I'm behind you. Way behind you. In fact, I'll be in the airplane waiting to take off. ~ Krillin

July 20Edit

[88]So Piccolo, aren't you worried about Kami? I'd be worried if my mind and body were linked to that decrepit old prune. ~ Garlic Junior

July 21Edit

[89]When I was young, I did what my master told me. I don't understand this thickheaded generation. ~ King Kai

July 22Edit

[90]I gave you a place in this army and now I find that my destroyer’s a daisy! Your pleas of compassion make me sick! ~ General White

July 23Edit

[91]Your ego is so bloated, I'm surprised it even fits in the ring. I'm going to enjoy taking you down a notch or two. ~ Goku

July 24Edit

[92]Like the ebb and flow of the tides, my wrath shall remain constant! I'll have my revenge! ~ Ninja Murasaki

July 25Edit

[93]Give them a moment to clear this trash off the battlefield. ~ Vegeta

July 26Edit

[94]You're mistaken. I have plenty of honor. The honor of killing you. That's it. Keep your silence. My blade will finish this conversation! ~ Mercenary Tao

July 27Edit

[95]Do your legs hurt, 'cause you've been runnin'... All through my dreams! ~ Master Roshi

July 28Edit

[96]This world certainly has a bountiful supply of idiots, sire. ~ Piano

July 29Edit

[97]Your jokes are almost as bad as your strategy. ~ Tien

July 30Edit

[98]Every single person on Earth is gonna die soon. Wouldn't you like to go out with a bang in the end!? ~ Van Zant

July 31Edit

[99]Look at him! All he ever does is hurt people! If I don't end this right now, he'll never stop! ~ Goku

August 1Edit

[100]Please forgive me for allowing them to see you. I didn't want to expose you to the eyes of such filthy creatures before you attained your complete form! ~ Dr. Myuu

August 2Edit

[101]What? What was that? I'm sorry, I can't understand you. I don't speak pain. ~ Yamcha

August 3Edit

[102]Even half of my power is too much for you two to handle, but we can still up the voltage! ~ Rage Shenron

August 4Edit

[103]I'm sorry, master. I will do anything you ask of me, but I cannot hurt Tien Shinhan. ~ Chiaotzu

August 5Edit

[104]Don't be frightened of your General, my faithful servants, no. Only one should be worried, and his name is Goku. ~ General Rilldo

August 6Edit

[105]Baba, no offense... but you've fallen off your crystal ball one too many times. ~ Yamcha

August 7Edit

[106]In case you haven't noticed, these dirtbags, as you call them, have you outnumbered and outgunned. ~ Captain Dark

August 8Edit

[107]There's no need to grieve for your fallen companion. You'll be joining him shortly. ~ Piccolo

August 9Edit

[108]This is destiny. This is the revenge the Tuffles have sought from the Saiyans for so long. My ancestral home planet was actually a peaceful and wealthy society with a highly developed scientific community. It was you barbaric evil Saiyans who destroyed it, burning through our planet's resources like they were dry wheat. ~ Baby

August 10Edit

[109]Ah! So you're a mermaid, are you? Heh heh heh heh heh! I knew there was somethin' fishy about this. I guess I can still try with her human half. Well, uh... I'm like a turtle, and you're part fish, so what do you say you and me go inside and learn more about our species! ~ Master Roshi

August 11Edit

[110]I've always so enjoyed the last few quiet moments before laying a planet to waste, but I must say, I'm feeling almost as anxious as you to reach our destination, Frieza. I'm quite curious to meet this Saiyan, after all, I've heard so much about him, one could hardly blame me. ~ King Cold

August 12Edit

[111]These fights are like the weather. No guarantees. ~ Grandpa Gohan

August 13Edit

[112]Imagine the combination of the greatest scientific mind in the universe with the most powerful body! ~ Dr. Kochin

August 14Edit

[113]Back in the old days, if I loved someone, I'd just kidnap 'em! ~ Oolong

August 15Edit

[114]Whatever deal you made with the good General went out the window with him. ~ Ninja Murasaki

August 16Edit

[115]What's the matter? Am I still too great a challenge for you weaklings? Alright, I won't use my legs either. ~ Sky Dragon

August 17Edit

[116]I knew I should've joined that Ginyu fitness club last year, but no...I had to go on that stupid chili burger diet. ~ Guldo

August 18Edit

[117]Look, I'm enjoying the fresh air. But I don't have all day. If you can't make up your mind, just wish for nothing three times so I can go. ~ Porunga

August 19Edit

[118]Some hero... he's destroying our world and you're cooking him meals like a nanny! ~ Van Zant

August 20Edit

[119]I don't wanna hurt you, but I will if I have to! ~ Goku

August 21Edit

[120]Should I chew you to bits, or lick you to death? ~ Super Buu

August 22Edit

[121]A bride!? Roughly translated, it means your life is over! ~ Krillin

August 23Edit

[122]Stubborn creature. You refuse to fight back despite all the pain that I inflict on you! Perhaps you'd respond better to the pain of your dear old friends! ~ Cell

August 24Edit

[123]Whoops! Sorry about that! Apparently, I've accidentally squashed both of your legs. ~ Vegeta

August 25Edit

[124]There's only one promise I'm going to make! On my honor, I promise to kill you at all costs! ~Omega Shenron

August 26Edit

[125]You should know that a weapon doesn't make the man! ~ Trunks

August 27Edit

[126]Without your father holding your hand, you really are nothing. ~ Super Buu

August 28Edit

[127]I'm angry enough to hurt somebody and pounding you might just be the therapy I need. ~ Vegeta

August 29Edit

[128]Now! Let Recoome show you your doom! ~ Recoome

August 30Edit

[129]You're not the first person to try to rule the universe with a sword of injustice. They all failed. And so will you. ~ Goku

August 31Edit

[130]You are a true Saiyan, which is precisely why I have to kill you. It seems that I have become the Saiyan exterminator. It's a dirty job but somebody has to do it. ~ Frieza

September 1Edit

[131]Listen, Goku. You can off this monster if you want. That’s fine with me. But you’d better let me eat him. Agreed? ~ Yajirobe

September 2Edit

[132]Before I'm done, I'll do much more than hurt you. When you fight Pui Pui, death is a certainty! ~Pui Pui

September 3Edit

[133]This is not the time to be excited. This is in the "bad thing" category, Goku. ~ King Kai

September 4Edit

[134]Free will. Pitiful humans! War, segregation, hatred! Is that what you've done with your free will, boy? Don't you lecture me with your thirty dollar haircut! ~ Android 13

September 5Edit

[135]The androids have never been interested in power. It's just that they find pleasure in causing fear and chaos. And Cell's no different. He's using this stupid tournament as a way to spread fear. ~Trunks

September 6Edit

[136]Master is not patient. You would be wise to stand down. Or better yet, kneel. ~ Bujin

September 7Edit

[137]It's the only way, Tien. Don't worry. I'm not afraid. And if I can save you, then it's worth dying for. ~Chiaotzu

September 8Edit

[138]You will find my satisfaction reflected in your bank account. ~ Lord Jaguar

September 9Edit

[139]Wow, if I had known Snake Way was this long, I would've packed a lunch or something. ~ Goku

September 10Edit

[140]I always thought he was too cocky for his own good. Looks like that ego of his finally got him into trouble. ~ Burter

September 11Edit

[141]Don't worry. I have one thing in my favor. I have nothing to lose. ~ Vegeta

September 12Edit

[142]Super Saiyans, yes... But monkeys all the same. You're still all show and no substance. ~Cooler

September 13Edit

[143]What the heck is Goku thinking? That hundred times gravity must have crushed his brain! ~ Krillin

September 14Edit

[144]They're like children. Give them some air to breathe and they're happy. ~ Angila

September 15Edit

[145]Dad, you've got to see this. I know you'd have a good laugh. The whole world thinks Hercule was the one who beat Cell. And now, they've even named a city after him. Heh heh. Probably for the best. Goku and Gohan town would sound kind o' silly. ~ Gohan

September 16Edit

[146]You Saiyans are like cockroaches. Squash one, and another crawls out from the wall. ~ Cell

September 17Edit

[147]You know that I'm highly allergic to danger. ~ Oolong

September 18Edit

[148]I have something far more painful in mind. ~ Dabura

September 19Edit

[149]Why can't I have a secret name? That's not fair! I bet you have a secret spy decoder ring too! ~Yamcha

September 20Edit

[150]Ah, like they say... "All's fair in love and war." ~ Salt

September 21Edit

[151]Take him down now? No, I think I'll wait. I'm going to let him suffer for a little while. ~ Gohan

September 22Edit

[152]Impressive. You actually managed to singe some of my leg hair. ~ Raditz

September 23Edit

[153]I never thought we'd be replicating the tactics of an enemy... but if it works, then I'm all for it. ~Dende

September 24Edit

[154]I have nothing to fear anymore. No one can defeat me now. I will avenge my father's death by destroying all of our enemies. Then I will rule the universe with the fury of the blood that runs in my veins! ~ Garlic Junior

September 25Edit

[155]Watch, Gohan! I said watch! Don't turn away! Honor his bravery! ~ Piccolo

September 26Edit

[156]It seems that Majin Buu is actually full for once. I guess that means the next city will have to settle for being pummeled into oblivion. ~ Babidi

September 27 - September 30Edit

[157]So, he killed my father, destroyed my people. That means nothing to me now. Strength is the only thing that matters in this world. Everything else is just a delusion for the weak! There's only one certainty in life. A strong man stands above and conquers all. ~ Vegeta

October 1Edit

[158]Lord Frieza, allow me to honor you by performing the dance of joy. ~ Captain Ginyu

October 2Edit

[159]Oh, you mustn't be sad my children. I have lived a full and blessed life. Don't be afraid. Death is simply another stage of our life. ~ Guru

October 3Edit

[160]What don't you understand, Tora? That you are weak? Ha ha. What a mess you are! Nah, Tora! You shouldn't have forgotten that you are weak! ~ Dodoria

October 4Edit

[161]Now, what's more important to you, mom... my studies or the life of your husband!? ~ Gohan

October 5Edit

[162]You cut me! Oh, you've gone and done it now! You've scarred my beautiful face! And you're gonna pay for it! ~ Nappa

October 6Edit

[163]Bad move, but at least you're not boring. After all, I'd rather enjoy not adhering to logic. ~ Android 17

October 7Edit

[164]It's about time your spoiled miniscule brain figured it all out. ~ Paragus

October 8 - October 13Edit

[165]I am the hope of the universe. I am the answer to all living things that cry out for peace. I am protector of the innocent. I am the light in the darkness. I am truth! Ally to good! Nightmare to you! ~ Goku

October 14Edit

[166]You want a glimpse of my true power? Well, so be it. I didn't know you were in such a hurry to die. ~ Dabura

October 15Edit

[167]I suppose you could make me angry, but I wouldn't advise it. ~ Piccolo

October 16Edit

[168]Your boring lives are about to get a lot more interesting thanks to me. I have enjoyed terrorizing Earth, but now I have something far more entertaining planned for this pathetic planet. ~ Cell

October 17Edit

[169]I'll remember that when I'm passing sentence on you! ~ King Yemma

October 18Edit

[170]A little green bug has come to get squashed! ~ Broly

October 19Edit

[171]Your kind ruined my future. And I'll sacrifice everything to change it! ~ Trunks

October 20Edit

[172]Nothing like a little home improvement. ~ Medamatcha

October 21Edit

[173]The female species. Such an enigma. ~ Vegeta

October 22Edit

[174]Ya look like a bunch o' hood ornaments. The purpose of striking a pose is not to become like a wallpaper. That's why we chant loudly when we pose, to draw attention to our magnificence. I know. I'll just have to raise the stakes a little bit. The best poser gets a candy! ~ Captain Ginyu

October 23Edit

[175]I can't believe you'd be so low as to kick us when we're down like this. ~ Krillin

October 24Edit

[176]These putrid humans are but a taste of the endless flesh you will consume once whole again. Together, we shall bring this universe to its knees! ~ Hoi

October 25Edit

[177]It's sad. Even in death, you refuse to learn. ~ Goku

October 26Edit

[178]Hey, don't whoop him too bad. Save some for me. ~ Vinegar

October 27Edit

[179]Piccolo has changed. The evil that once filled his entire being has greatly diminished. And when we unite, I trust he will use our combined strength in the service of good. ~ Kami

October 28Edit

[180]Kakarot, you raised this Saiyan too much like an Earthling! ~ Turles

October 29Edit

[181]I'm telling you I don't wanna fight anymore, Cell. Even though you're evil, I really have no desire to kill you. ~ Gohan

October 30Edit

[182]Let me guess, you learned how to run away. ~ Cui

October 31Edit

[183]Look at me. Even though I may be a Kai spirit, I'm sneaking around like a petty cat burglar. ~Kibitokai

November 1Edit

[184]Number 13. That's your unlucky number. And I ain't talkin' about no silly superstition, city boy! I'm talkin' about yours truly. Big 13! ~ Android 13

November 2Edit

[185]That's not Pan. She's too quiet to be Pan! ~ Goku

November 3Edit

[186]You little brats! You disgraced my name as conjurer and caused me to be thrown from my village. I had no choice but to give them Broly! I haven't worked in ages. ~ Maloja

November 4Edit

[187]Nice. I save your lives, and what do I get in return? Guns in my face! ~ Bulma

November 5Edit

[188]Yes! Know the lonely horrors of the void! ~ Garlic Junior

November 6Edit

[189]You know what they're doing, don't you? All those karate bums are trying to teach my son martial arts. ~ Chi-Chi

November 7Edit

[190]I don't know who this Saiyan thinks he is, but no one attacks our family and lives! ~ Cooler

November 8Edit

[191]Don't worry about it. I just happened to come into a lot o' dough lately. ~ Launch

November 9Edit

[192]I've got so much money, I could never spend it all! ~ Don Kee

November 10Edit

[193]Now, I'm mad... At you! And the last thing you want on your case is a blue-haired girl whose shopping you destroyed! ~ Bulla

November 11Edit

[194]Aw, don't cry. Everyone has to die sometime. ~ Super Buu

November 12Edit

[195]I should've known! Nobody wants to mess with the mighty Mister Satan! No siree! I am the king! Aha ha! I don't blame him. I'm twice the size of that pink sissy! And he didn't want any of this, anyway! No way, baby! ~ Mr. Satan

November 13Edit

[196]How preposterous. He would lose just to save Vegeta? ~ King Cold

November 14Edit

[197]You know how to receive mercy but you can't give it. ~ Goku

November 15Edit

[198]This isn't a joke! I'll autograph his face with bullets! ~ General White

November 16Edit

[199]Well, if having feelings is a weakness, why am I the only Saiyan left? ~ Goku

November 17Edit

[200]Little boys shouldn't play with knives! ~ Android 14

November 18Edit

[201]You should never believe anything the enemy tells you! ~ Piccolo

November 19Edit

[202]Fool! I made you look! You dirty crook! You stole your mother's pocketbook! ~ Frieza

November 20Edit

[203]I'm gonna get creamed out there! This stinks! I'm too young to go! I never even had a girlfriend! ~Krillin

November 21Edit

[204]Yeah! Dig it man! You should join us! You would love it. They worship us. And soon they're gonna be like that for good. ~ Mustard

November 22 - December 1Edit

[205]You seem to delight in seeing other people suffer. And you treat life like a disposable commodity. You destroy homes. You take the lives of innocent, peace-loving people. You even take the lives of children. And all of this, for your own amusement or personal gain. Well, now it's your turn! ~Goku

December 2Edit

[206]Normally, I'd let one of my slaves do the dirty work, but to show you my appreciation, I think I'll kill you myself. See what a marvelous circle this is? You killed my father and now I kill you! ~ Babidi

December 3Edit

[207]If it wasn't for bad luck, I wouldn't have any. ~ Krillin

December 4Edit

[208]We're gonna lay this one down real thick like whole milk! ~ Don Para

December 5Edit

[209]Goku, this will be the last day of your training with me. You've done well, but I'm afraid you're lacking in one area. You still can't seem to deliver a good joke when the pressure's on. ~ King Kai

December 6Edit

[210]Looks like my keen intellect has triumphed over your might! ~ Naturon Shenron

December 7Edit

[211]Oh no! If I knew this was going to happen, I would've eaten more pizza and ice cream! ~ Yajirobe

December 8Edit

[212]Admit it. You've always had a fascination with the dark side, Piccolo. Why don't you join Garlic Junior now while you still can? He's about to take over the planet. ~ Spice

December 9Edit

[213]I almost bit the big one last time! Maybe I should stay here. ~ Yamcha

December 10Edit

[214]Your hands aren't proper! And your rhythm is wack! You think you a fly girl, what!? But you just a hack! ~ Bon Para

December 11Edit

[215]You know what they're doing, don't you? All those karate bums are trying to teach my son martial arts. ~ Chi-Chi

December 12Edit

[216]Your power is astounding. I'm sure you will prove to be a most satisfying meal. ~ Cell

December 13Edit

[217]I'll tell you what! If you land a kick, I'll buy you an extra toy or something with the prize money. ~Trunks

December 14Edit

[218]You should never judge a fight on the first fall. ~ Sansho

December 15Edit

[219]He fell into the dead zone of his own creation, and he will live forever there. I can assure you, now, he would've rather wished for anything other than eternal life. How ironic. Garlic Junior suffered the same fate as his father. ~ Kami

December 16Edit

[220]I'm your friendly neighborhood killer! No hard feelings old man, it's just a job. ~ Mercenary Tao

December 17Edit

[221]My father was the galaxy's greatest fighter, and he was doing it long before you were even born. You're history. ~ Gohan

December 18Edit

[222]Is this a riddle? It must be. What kind of child is not really a child? ~ Ledgic

December 19Edit

[223]Only a heartless soul would run and leave his friends behind. We're in this together. ~ Puar

December 20Edit

[224]The universe is littered with the bones of those who dare to think otherwise. ~ Zangya

December 21Edit

[225]If you ever stop training, your muscles are going to turn into flab and you're going to get obese from all that food that you eat! ~ Chi-Chi

December 22Edit

[226]On a scale of one to ten, definitely eleven. ~ Jeice

December 23Edit

[227]If you guys wanna stay here and get yourselves killed, that's your own business. But I'm takin' off while I still can. ~ Yajirobe

December 24Edit

[228]Once I have the Dragon Balls, it will make a nice fireworks display to celebrate my immortality. Ah yes, I'll write the name of Frieza in lights across the galaxy. ~ Frieza

December 25Edit

[229]My old master likes girly magazines. We'll get you some! ~ Goku

December 26Edit

[230]So, shall you hide like a coward, or fight like a Saiyan, or are they one and the same? ~ General Rilldo

December 27Edit

[231]I caught my first cold in two hundred years. I can find anything with this crystal ball except for a good doctor. ~ Fortuneteller Baba

December 28Edit

[232]Buu! I hope you die, you spoiled brat! ~ Babidi

December 29Edit

[233]You would have me sacrifice this entire world to save but one life? ~ Annin

December 30Edit

[234]Oh, to sip from the cup of eternity and fly free on wings of immortality! ~ Frieza

December 31Edit

[235]We might not have an audience, but let’s still give a good show! ~ Trunks